Book 2



Paul Davenport




ISBN 978-1-901332-06-3


It was the late 1980s when my first long ride in Australia took place, down the East Coast from Cairns to Melbourne. This was part of a much longer ride at the end of a wonderful teaching experience in PNG.

Some year later I managed to find the time from my teaching post in Budapest to ride up the West Coast from Perth to Darwin, but it was not until retirement that there was time both to ride the South Coast from Perth to Melbourne, and later still, take a northern crossing from Cairns to Darwin, paying a visit to the Gulf of Carpentaria on the way, and at last completing the ride around mainland Australia in late 2015.


This was an extremely long ride through time in an ever-changing Australia.  I have attempted to capture it with a few words and lots of pictures.  Sadly, the early photographs have not lasted as well as hoped, but neither have I!


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